LoveBet: For Football Betting Lovers

LoveBet Burnley official sponsor

LoveBet: For Football Betting Lovers

Contemplating choose a football betting bookmaker for the weekend Premier League games? How about trying out this new and upcoming LoveBet.

Background of LoveBet

LoveBet is the official sponsor of Burnley, the Premier League football team. And you could frequently see their advertisements every now and then especially on the billboards during Premier League matches. LoveBet was set in 2007 and also has been now just really a worldwide gaming brand dedicated to presenting the optimal/optimally entertainment experience as well as the maximum client care. is driven and operated by Vivaro Minimal, integrated and at Malta, controlled by the Uk Gambling Commission.

Of course, the name LoveBet stemmed from “Love” and “Bet”, it is the owners’ wishes to dedicate the best football betting services for the football punters. LoveBet is also “愛博“ in Mandarin, which means “Love Bet”.

Choosing a Football Betting Website

When judging a football betting website, we will need to evaluate a few criteria:

  • Global Reach of the Website – a sports betting website that can be accessed by most countries is deemed an excellent website. LoveBet is accessible around the globe, offering abundant currencies for betting transactions.
  • The Reputation of the Website – a sports betting website’s reputation must not be marred by controversies and untrustworthiness. It must default on the payments to its players. Perform a Google Search and you will know whether a brand is reliable. LoveBet prides itself on not having any controversies and had made 100% payments successfully to its clients.
  • The Financial Clout of the Website – a sports betting bookie which is small is unable to pay when you strike a jackpot or win in millions when you strike as significant streak on parlay betting. Small bookmakers have a higher chance of defaulting on payments, and you would be unable to legally arrest the culprits as everything is done online with the bookmakers staying anonymous. Even if you could trace their office, the legal proceedings would be a pain in the ass. Henceforth, always opt for top bookmakers, bookmakers with significant financial clout. How to assess one’s financial clout? Look at their sponsorships and marketing approach. If they are able to sponsor a Premier League team like Burnley or put up their brands on Premier League billboards during matches, rest assured about their financial clout these acts alone amount to millions of pounds. Without a doubt, LoveBet has tremendous financial clout.



LoveBet is a football betting website which is accessible internationally by all countries around the globe, it has a great reputation and tremendous financial prowess.